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NGO Accreditation and Certification for Self-Reliance and Diversity

UHRI is publishing its minimum standards and code of conduct for the purpose of certification and accreditation of all non-profit secular and religious organizations serving refugees and the poor with the goal of setting up an accreditation system in order to eradicate systemic racism, discrimination and dehumanizing of human beings exiled from normal life by wars, oppression, poverty and persecution. 

The goal of UHRI's refugee accreditation and certification is to ensure human dignity of all refugees and vulnerable populations in both developed countries as well as poor countries. UHRI hopes to reinvigorate cultural competence and equity in remuneration, as well as promote diversity in all organizations serving the poor, vulnerable refugees and oppressed people. The accreditation and certification opportunity will be extended also to municipalities, state governments and companies that do not provide direct service to refugees or vulnerable populations overseas. These entities will encourage their citizens and members providing direct service to seek compliance with the standards of accreditation board of UHRI.

Krua Et Al  V. Johnson-Sirleaf Et Al