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Torli Krua Launches Citizens Independence Movement

The Movement for Citizens Independence Initiative aims to end corruption by restoring power to the citizens of Liberia, consistent with Article I of the Liberian Constitution; "All power is inherent in the people. All free governments are instituted by their authority and for their benefit and they have the right to alter and reform the same when their safety and happiness so require..."

Torli H. Krua, President of Universal Human Rights International (UHRI) will launch the movement in Dallas, Texas on July 25, 2017 at 12:00 Noon (Dallas Time).
The goals of the organizers are two-fold:

1st. To end corruption and political violence by restoring power to the people and guaranteeing social and economic mobility for citizens. This means an abolition of rigid representative democracy and embracing citizens initiatives or ballot measures in Liberia, and Africa.

2nd. To end patronage, sexual abuse, racism and discrimination within refugee resettlements and aid organizations worldwide by requiring refugees and aid agencies to comply with minimum diversity standards. Minimum Diversity Standards requires all refugees and aid agencies to include members of their constituencies on their board and senior management teams.

Krua Et Al  V. Johnson-Sirleaf Et Al